Anyone watching JLo at the Superbowl Half Time Show this year will attest to the fact that the role of women over 50 has shifted. No longer willing to slink off into anonymity, women reaching this age are healthier, more knowledgeable and wealthier than they’ve ever been before. We know they are ready to spend as well given that they account for 27% of all consumer spending — that’s 3% more than men of that age. So isn’t it high time brands other than Olay or Viking Cruises sat up and took notice of this powerful demographic? So many marketers and agencies obsess over Gen Z, but it’s those turning their attention to the more mature woman who may well get the last laugh when it comes to profits. Here are 5 ways in which brands can really relate to this generation of provocateurs.

Change the conversation

When This Works changed the name of its holistic skincare range for older consumers from No Wrinkles to My Wrinkles, it showed competitors the way to the over 50s female’s heart, and wallet. Ageing is no longer something to be feared, but embraced. And just as areas of the beauty and fashion industries are diversifying and opening up conversations about “what is beauty?” — ageing has to be a part of this dialogue for allbrands. Why exactly are wrinkles to be avoided like the plague in women, when they’re seen as a sign of experience in a man? What exactly is “anti-ageing” to a generation where to age is a beautiful thing? Why do women have to feel so negative about their bodies, and lives, evolving? Focus on the positives, be open and authentic about the facts, and you’ll speak a language that women everywhere are excited to hear.

Don’t Helen-Mirren Wash

Need a face for older beauty? Get Helen on speed dial. Or failing that, Jane Fonda. But representing an older consumer shouldn’t just be a box-ticking exercise. Just as it does for Gen Z, representation of over-50 comes in all forms. There are plenty of real women who can represent their generation in exciting and energising ways. So don’t default – be as imaginative in your casting for the over 50s as you would be for any younger generation, because doesn’t every consumer want to see more of themselves in the brands they buy from?

Engage and empower

Connecting with the over 50 woman isn’t just about making the right vitamin pill or fitness range (although that would help). It’s about understanding and being attentive to how they think, feel and want brands to speak to them, in any sector. Think about it; you’ve lived a life, possibly raised a family, maybe run a company – being patronised or polarised is not in your interest. When you’ve got financial freedom and confidence you want clarity, intelligence, freshness; a brand whose positivity about the future reflects yours. But you also may want things de-codifying and personalising, too – everything from pensions to cars. Addressing these things will make an impact where no generic pastel-colored wrinkle cream can.

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